the other day on the beach

We were sitting on the beach on Tuesday, soaking up the sun and sea air, when it was time to give Caris her milk. So I started getting her formula ready.

Alex: “What are you doing Mommy?”
Me: “Making milk for Caris, my love”
Alex: “Why?”
Me: “‘Cos she’s hungry and thirsty”
Alex: “Why?”
Me: “Because she has been sleeping, and it’s hot, and it is time for her milk now” (trying to cover all angles here…)
Alex: “Ok”
Me: (only two “why’s” !)

I proceed to give Caris her bottle.
Alex: “Mommy …”
Me: “Yes my boy?”
Alex: “Why is Caris drinking from a bottle and not from your nipple?”

My mother in law just about wet herself laughing!

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