Attention: this blog has not been abandoned!

Hi. My name is Denita, and I have not blogged in 3 weeks. (Not counting my Friday Photo 2 weeks ago).

I was fortunate to attend Tanya and Saul’s technical blogging workshop this week, and was reminded of one of the golden rules of blogging … “blog consistently and often” hmm. #fail!


The workshop was informative and fun, and it was great to see some familiar faces amongst the group of bloggers (and meet some new ones. ) I now (theoretically) know how to “self-host”, upload super-gorgeous new themes, add plug-ins and widgets and do “SEO” (admittedly, I had to google that, and it stands for Search Engine Optimisation.) I am looking forward to revamping my very vanilla blog, and making it look gorgeous (insert a few days of free time here please!)

On Saturday 25 Feb we had a family photo shoot. After cancelling twice already, because of bad weather, we went ahead despite the looming black thunder clouds. Needless to say, it pissed bucketed down just as Celeste pulled into the driveway. So visions of my little ones frolicking around in the overgrown ivy, or with their feet in the fish pond, were shattered. The light was bad, and the incessant rain meant we had to do all the photos inside and on the patio. Celeste even had to brave getting wet, by moving out from the under cover part of the patio, to be able to do the full family shots (which Alex thought was hilarious). Judging from the quick preview I saw on Facebook this morning, the photos are amazing. I am looking forward to getting the DVD with all the photo’s soon!

Baby makes six

Little sweetie pie

very cheesey smile!

During my blogging absence, I also bought a new Macbook Pro. It is beautiful and slick, and I have very little knowledge on how to use it. I like to make the comment that “it is like having a super-hot foreign boyfriend: Beautiful to look at and hold, but I do not quite understand it yet.” Maybe I should take the iStore up on their free training offer …

Hot foreign boyfriend

Alex has very excitedly been telling everyone that he is going to Ballito on an aeroplane, for about the last month, and luckily for him, the day has finally arrived, and we are off to find some better weather for a few days. The last few glorious days of summer, sun, sea and sand.  Hopefully I will find some time to relax, put my feet up, dispel all thoughts of work from my mind, and maybe, even, um… BLOG!

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