A tale of two haircuts

Alex has always sported longer-than-average-for-a-boy hair, and has only ever had home haircuts from yours truly. The first time I took Alex into a hair salon to have his hair cut (by a professional), I came out feeling ripped off and disappointed. I took him to my usual hair stylist, who “dry cut” about 2mm off of his hair for the princely sum of R150.00. It wasn’t entirely her fault, as Alex was not exactly being co-operative during the process. So as much as his hair had a little more shape than when we went in, I wasn’t over the moon with the process.

Then, my lucky stars shone down on me, and I won a competition on Nicki’s blog to visit SNIP SNAP, a children’s hair salon in Parkhurst.

Wow, what a different experience indeed. The salon is cute and quirky, and has lovely decor, and from the minute we walked in, the ladies made Alex feel welcome and comfortable, and he was thrilled to be able to climb into the aeroplane!

His hair was sprayed wet, so that he did not have to endure (shock-horror!) having his hair washed. To my great surprise, he was an absolute angel during the whole process. Even though he had Finding Nemo on the mini-TV-screen in front of him, he was more fascinated by watching his hair fall to the ground (and chatting away to Bev as she snipped away.)

Part of the prize, was a blow-dry for me, so I was treated to having my hair washed and dried, which is one of my favourite beauty treats! Alex was done with his haircut before I was finished, but luckily Debbie was on hand to keep him entertained by looking at the beautiful things in the gift shop, giving him paper to draw on and showing him the garden.

As part of the experience, I told Alex he could choose something from the gift shop, and he chose a ceramic dinosaur money-box which I helped him paint when he got home. (he painted the horns and nose and chose the colours!)

All in all, a great experience and a great afternoon, and a haircut for my little boy that I was (finally) happy with. Yes, it is probably still longer-than-your-average-boy’s haircut, but that’s because I like it that way!

So if you are looking for a great place to take your little one for a haircut, and maybe even a blow-dry for yourself, give Debbie a call on 079 278 6788. Their address is 5 6th Street Parkhurst. You can find them on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SnipSnap#!/snipsnaphair

8 Replies to “A tale of two haircuts”

  1. Now, there’s a coincidence. This morning, I was wondering what to do with Amy’s hair. Her mom sheared it about 7 months ago, and that was an awful idea. It’s getting long again. I have never heard of a children’s hair salon before, and I wondered if such a thing existed, just this very morning. And, on the same day, along comes Denita with a solution. The only thing you haven’t done here is a pricing comparison (fair enough, this time was a gift), but I’d like to know what such a trip costs.

      1. I would never call, but their Facebook page has prices. For Amy’s age, it’s only R 110,00. So, you get a speciality service at a lower price. Not bad!

      2. I’m afraid they are Brian. Sorry! Looks like their business model was not sustainable! There is apparently a nice kids hair dresser in four ways crossing.

  2. Oh he looks perfectly cute with his new haircut 🙂
    I’m definitely going to give them a try when I’m ready to get Zoe’s baby curls cut off. I love Parkhurst so it will be a great excuse to take a drive.

  3. Thanks so much for your blog post Denita, it was great to have you and Alex to our Salon and glad you enjoyed it! We hope to see you again soon!! for anyone else interested, call us on 079 278 6788 or email us at snipsnaphair@gmail.com… see you soon! ❤ Snip Snap

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