Disney on ice


We took the kids to see “Disney on ice” on Thursday afternoon. I was nervous at first, wondering if Alex would manage to sit through a two hour ice-skating show, and even worse, wondering how I was going to manage a potentially restless, grumpy baby on my lap for the whole show (who had missed her afternoon nap). Gary went to brave the refreshments queue, and returned with Disney mugs of slush (which cost a small fortune) and a box of (very overpriced) popcorn, and then we were ready for the show.

And what an awesome show it was! It started off with Mickey and Minnie riding around in a very cute little car, which broke down, and of course needed a tow-truck. Cue Mater, Lightning McQueen and the gang from Radiator Springs zooming around on the ice. Alex was so excited to see his favourite cars in the flesh! Even Caris screeched with delight as the cars did their rounds. They were really well done, complete with facial expressions and moving lips!



The rest of the first act saw appearances from Ariel (set in an under water paradise) and the singing red lobster whose name I forget, as well as Tinkerbell, the fairy princess and a menagerie of woodland fairies.


After a fifteen minute interval, the toys from Toy Story came out in full force, and did a great job of re-enacting Toy Story 3.


Alex thoroughly enjoyed the show, and managed to stay riveted for most of it. The fairy and mermaid scenes went over his head a little, having never seen the corresponding films, but he still seemed to love it. What was most amazing, was Caris’ reaction to it all She loved it! She was clapping her hands and smiling, and screeching with delight when she saw the fairy princess and other characters. She ate handfuls of popcorn, as if she does so every day, and was quite fascinated by the icy drinks in the Disney cups. And what was even more amazing was how she stayed content on my lap for most of the show, barring the last ten minutes where she was (quite understandably) a little restless.

We went into Northgate mall for a quick supper (and to avoid the 5PM traffic) and then made our way home. Caris was fast asleep before we even left the parking lot.

Pretty cool way to spend a Thursday afternoon!

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  1. We went to the show today and I’m so glad we bought tickets. It was spectacular and the kids loved every second!

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