Bon Voyage…

A golf trip that has been on the drawing board for almost two years, is finally a reality!

On Thursday night, Gary, his two brothers and a few friends leave for Scotland to indulge in a 10 day golfing adventure. No wives, no kids, no work or household duties.  Just eight guys, their golf clubs, a dedicated driver and a stash of Essentiale (for the non-golfing activities). They will be playing at the following courses: Carnoustie Championship, St Andrews Jubilee Course, St Andrews Old Course, Kingsbarns Course, Royal Troon Old Course and Turnberry Ailsa Course. In between the hectic golf schedule, they will be sleeping late, sight-seeing, eating at nice restaurants and no-doubt drinking lots of beer and scotch whisky!

Gary has been overseas more than twenty times in the eleven years that I have known him, so I am used to him travelling. But it is never without a lump in my throat as I wave goodbye through the departure gates.  I always spend the hours that he is out of contact with a knot in my stomach, waiting with bated breath for the sms from him to say that he has landed safely on the other side. I am sure that tomorrow will be no different. (To offer myself suitable distraction from the fact that he will be away for ten days, I am taking the kids to Ballito for a week. Provided the N3 has been re-opened by Saturday, given the heavy snowfall of late!)

Travel safely my love, and come home quickly, ‘cos I am missing you already! xx

3 Replies to “Bon Voyage…”

  1. I know the feeling, except I tend to be the one getting onto the airplane (my husband is very patient). I have to keep telling myself, they’ll be fine, and they are – every time! Enjoy Ballito, it could be a welcome change from the cold snap!!!

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