A (quick) Letter for Caris at 17 Months

Dear sweetie pie

I really haven’t given enough attention to you, my sweet little girl, on this blog, have I? And it’s not because I do not think about it often. I do. It’s just that I am constantly running out of time to do anything these days. I feel like the proverbial mouse on the treadmill going round and round and round and I am always in a rush, but I never really seem to getting anywhere. (This blog, in fact,  is a perfect example, I have over five draft posts lurking around; all the start of great ideas, fleeting thoughts that I have had, but have just never found the time to finish them off.  And now the moments seem to be lost, so they will probably remain just fleeting thoughts. But that is a post for another time!)

You are growing up so fast, and I cannot believe that you are already 17 months old. You have quietly been going about your business with hardly any trouble, and its almost as if you have suddenly stopped being a baby and become a little girl overnight. You are the epitome of cute, and just when I think you cannot possibly get any cuter, you do! You continue to be the-easiest-baby-in-the-world, for which I am very grateful! (Although you are showing some signs of a few impending tantrums when you don’t get your own way, but for now it is still very cute.) I did a double take when you pointed at the garden the other day and said “outside” without even batting an eyelid, and although my heart swelled with pride, I immediately felt guilt ridden for not spending enough time with you.

The second child somehow always manages to pull the short straw when it comes to one-on-one in the attention stakes. And I am sorry that I cannot always give you my undivided attention. One of my favourite things at the moment, is when you fetch a book from the book basket, and bring it to me to read to you. You bundle yourself into the nook of my arm, and squeel with delight as we page through it. I love the way you miaow and woof, and roar like a lion.  You are becoming more independant by the minute, and I savour these quiet moments with you, because I know that they will be gone before I know it.

I love you so much my little girl xx

5 Replies to “A (quick) Letter for Caris at 17 Months”

  1. How adorable is your little girl? Oh man, my heart skips a beat when I see little girls in pigtails….so so so cute 🙂

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