A year…

A year (and a bit, seeing as this post has been a draft for over 2 weeks!) has slipped past, almost unnoticed, since I began writing this blog, and indeed since I went back to work after the birth of my daughter.

The last twelve months have vanished away in record speed, and I still remember that car trip to the office, without my baby girl wrapped up safely in her car seat behind me, as if it was only yesterday. How I left my heart at home that day, and how I had to fight the urge to phone home every few minutes to see if she was okay. How my heart broke when I got home, to find that she was just fine without me, and how she seemed a little older already, by missing just one day.

{Caris at six Months}

1. Caris Nov 011

In a year, Caris has blossomed and bloomed like a tiny bud into the most beautiful rose: sweet smelling, gorgeous to behold, and a pleasure to all who encounter her. A sweet little girl whose infectious giggles delight everyone and whose hugs are the yummiest ones around.

{Caris Now}

4. Caris Nov 2012 -2 7. Caris Nov 2012 -2 4. Caris Nov 2012 -1

In the same year, Alex has transformed from a chubby toddler into a lean, lanky boy. A boy whose language has progressed in leaps and bounds, and whose inherant shyness has all but disappeared. A boy who is funny and mischievous, and loving and kind.

{Alex a year ago}

2. Alex Nov 2011

{Alex Now}

8. Alex Nov 2012 -1 5. Alex Nov 2012 -2

The relationship that is developing between my two little people is just priceless. They play together so nicely now, and have a bond that I hope will endure throughout their lifetime. They seem to have their own unique way of communicating, and can often be found hidden away behind the curtains, or in the corner of a room playing with animals, cars, tea-sets or some other favourite toy of the week, engrossed in their own little world, all  while chatting and giggling away. Sure, they fight too, but that is all part of growing up, and I am so grateful that they will always have each other, through good times and bad. Caris has become a little copy-cat, and wants to do whatever Alex is doing, and it is clear that he is the apple of her eye! And Alex loves his little sister, too.

Happy Anniversary Baby Makes Six!

{Alex and Caris one year ago}

3. Alex and Caris Nov 2011

{Alex and Caris now}

6. Alex and Caris Nov 2012 -1

Alex and Caris Nov 9. 2012 -2

6 Replies to “A year…”

  1. Happy Anniversary “Baby makes six”. I’m so glad you decided to join the blogging world…we’re definitely better off with you around.

    PS. You really have super duper looking kids. Please send me some pics of them wearing their rockstar kid gear?

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