The place with the interesting things!

Spending the December holidays in Joey’s this year, meant we had to find things to do to keep our offspring busy (and stop us from losing our sanity and patience dealing with long faces and whining!)

So one sunny morning, we headed to New Town to check out Sci-Bono. I have overheard many moms raving about how cool it is, and have been told umpteen stories about fun birthday parties that have been attended there.

We arrived early, and pretty much had the place to ourselves for a while. To start off, Alex and Caris both had a go at kicking soccer balls into nets, and shooting balls at metal cut-out soccer players. We then moved through the exhibition, stopping at things that caught our interest. Alex absolutely loved the construction site simulation, and spent quite a while placing play bricks on a conveyor belt while donning his hard hat.

Alex’s favourite thing was a table that illustrated (if I remember correctly) a black hole, and he watched the spinning ball being sucked down into its vortex over and over again.

We spent a good few hours perusing the exhibits, only cutting our visit short because Caris was starting to get super grumpy as the time stretched further and further past nap time. In fairness, the centre is aimed at kids a little older than my two, but both of them seemed to be having a ball.

Alex keeps asking me “When are we going back to that place with the interesting things?”

Well worth a visit! (and next time I will take a proper camera and not just a Blackberry!)

Scibono 1 Scibono 2 Scibono 3 Scibono 4 Scibono 5 Scibono 6 Scibono 7

5 Replies to “The place with the interesting things!”

  1. I went last year and I was blown away at just how cool it is. I must definitely make a plan to go back this year! Plus it’s right in the centre of Newtown and I love taking photo’s in and around the graffiti walls 🙂

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