Missing in action

My urge to blog just got up and left. Without so much as a toodle-loo on its way out.

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, the12 draft posts in my WordPress dashboard will attest to that. I just cannot seem to finish them. It’s a combination of having no real inspiration, being dog-tired all the time and enduring suffocatingly boring (and very busy) days at work. All these factors are seemingly killing my writing dreams.

A friend of mine so cleverly pointed out that my creative juices are being smothered by my lack of enthusiasm for work at the moment. I have written over three hundred pages in a business analysis exercise I am doing for a client… Maybe I am just all written out!

All I want to do as soon as the kids have gone to bed at night is crawl under my duvet and sleep. My eyes are so tired from staring at my laptop screen all day, my mind is numb, and my body is plagued with a constant annoying and debilitating back ache.

I want to shout “snap out of it man!” at myself. In the car, preferably, at a deafening volume. The people in traffic around me would look away nervously. And screech away as soon as the lights change.

But life does go on, doesn’t it.

I’m sure I will get back on the proverbial horse at some point.

2 Replies to “Missing in action”

  1. Welcome back my friend…a very honest piece. You’ll get the energy back – and you’ve got MONTHS to go to beat my personal best in terms of time-between-posts 🙂

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