Pearly whites

Alex was an early teether. At just over four months, the first two little pearly whites made their way through the gums causing much excitement amongst proud parents and grand-parents. (and then they came in two-by-two in rapid succession therafter!)

alex 6 months


About a month ago, one of those little babies started getting wobbly. I remember hearing somewhere that kids lose their first tooth at around six, but based on a few friends’ children of the same age, five seems to be the new six!

So on Tuesday afternoon, the little toothie finally wobbled its way to freedom. Alex has been fiddling with it for days now, and even asked me to buy a bag of apples. (According to Charlie and Lola eating an apple helps a wobbly tooth fall out! Well they weren’t far wrong it seems! Although the apple was consumed on Monday afternoon, it’s the thought that counts.)

The tooth fairy visited on Tuesday night and left a small bag of coins (Totalling R20) and a note saying thank you for the tooth. And fairy dust, of course!

Another milestone has been reached, with a gentle reminder that my baby is growing up way too fast.photo2


3 Replies to “Pearly whites”

  1. Before you know it they are about to turn 20! Enjoy every day with your ‘babies’

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