Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

In Reykjavik, Iceland, earlier this year. Older, definitely wiser!

This little blog of mine has been on my mind lately. A lot.

I would imagine it feels like an abandoned dog, left out in the rain to fend for itself. But it wasn’t really abandoned was it? Outgrown is probably a more accurate statement, but that somehow does not feel right either. The reality is probably somewhere in between; a place where “mommy blogs” become inappropriate (and sharing the lives and progress of my children is frowned upon) and just plain old-fashioned lost interest.

And if I’m being really honest with myself, my lack of inspiration to write is probably the main cause of disinvestment. In the three and a half years since my last post, a lot has happened. Covid, worldwide lockdowns, moving away from Joburg, kids’ changing schools, starting a new life in a new town, funerals, weddings. A LOT. A lot that was probably very blog worthy, and perhaps even interesting to people outside of my immediate family. But despite having a ton of time on my hands, my creativity and desire to write has been at an all time low. So much time, but so little time!

So I got to thinking, what was it that made me come here in the first place? Besides the obvious, (well, painfully annoying) need to share (uninteresting to the rest of the world) facts about my growing family… Well, the thing is… I actually love to write. Its cathartic and creative and just an all round good for the soul pastime. And who cares who reads it right?

So here I am, almost 11 years later, with another new MacBook in hand, staring at a blinking cursor on a screen saying “NOW WHAT!”

Do I continue down the “Baby Makes Six” path, or do I head down a new path? Or just give up on writing altogether?

The answer to that is not so easy. So I sidetracked myself for about 45 minutes uploading a new theme and changing the look and feel a little. Digressing and skirting around the issue at hand, I know…

So I guess the bottom line is I can’t bring myself to just delete “Baby Makes Six”. Not yet anyway. Yes, its not 100% who I am anymore, but it’s still part of the fabric of my life over the last decade, even with the appalling abandonment of late! So I guess for now it is staying … until I start something else and fade over to that in time. (watch this space!)

But for now, I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same!


8 Replies to “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”

  1. It was quite funny to see the first recommended post below this one to say “this blog is not abandoned” – from 2012!

    Where are you living now?

    1. That is quite funny. My last post was 3 years ago. Not sure how it recommends random posts to read! We’re in Ballito. Been here almost two years now. You also seem to be living elsewhere?

      1. Nice, must be a decent lifestyle improvement. Nope, I’m still in Johannesburg, just traveling for work, so writhing this from Aachen, Germany right now.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what the blog becomes. You write beautifully and should continue. Love reading the blog – let it be whatever you need it to be ❤️

  3. Always good to see and read your words – look forward to whatever direction comes next, especially if it’s cathartic and gives you joy ❤️

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