About me

Updated 8 September 2022

So this is how it used to look … My daughter, Caris, was born in May 2011, making us a family of six. Our house, which seemed so big when we bought it, is now full to the brim. I have a son, Alex and a daughter, Caris,(almost six, and just turned three) and two step-sons, Craig and Stuart (27 and 25 years old respectively.)

… and this is what it looks like now … Alex is 13, about to be 14, Caris is 11 (going on 17) and Craig and Stuart are now 35 and 33 (EEK!) respectively. We no longer all live in the same house, the older boys have both gotten married and moved out, so it’s just us 4.

This bit hasn’t changed much … I love music, photography, art, cooking, baking, reading, writing and occasional gardening. I (used to) work as an SAP Business Intelligence consultant when I am not being a wife/mom/cook/nurse/chief house-keeper/domestic goddess.

I hope to capture my thoughts and memories about the joys, trials and tribulations of my life.

Read my first post here

x Denita

Alex, Caris and me

8 Replies to “About me”

  1. I look forward to some great words of inspiration My Friend ! 7 weeks as a new Mommy has opened up a whole new world to me and a whole new respect to all the Mom’s out there ! Happy to be a part of this whole new world !

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