I need to write

A friend pointed out to me the other day that I haven’t blogged in a while, and yes, it’s been close to two years. There is no excuse really, other than life getting in the way and a lack of real inspiration. And just like that, almost two years zoom by, and even WordPress has given up on sending me “we see you haven’t posted in a while” reminders. I quit my job about 18 months ago, so in theory I have plenty of time to ramble on over here, but the funny thing is I seem to have less time now than ever before. Perhaps my ability to write down my random thoughts went down the drain with my career, or maybe life has not really been blog-worthy. Maybe I’ve forgotten the real reason for writing here in the first place: for Alex and Caris to have an insight into me when I am gone. I wanted them to have a glimpse into me, the adult, the person, the thinker and feeler; not just their good old mom who plods on in the background making food and picking up all the random shit they leave lying around the house. A friend of mine died very suddenly yesterday, and the news has sent me into a sad reflection of how short our time here is; how it can end abruptly with no warning. So, I need to come back here and record the thoughts and feelings that are overflowing from my being. I just need to get through today…

Hello 2014

I’m definitely not superstitious, but I’m starting to think that there is something to this “unlucky number thirteen” thing.

In a lot of respects 2013 was indeed a pretty unlucky year. There were many health challenges in my close family / friends. My dad was hospitalized in ICU for over a week with pneumonia and had to have a potentially dangerous hernia repaired and my mother in law broke both her arms at the same time.  Two of my close friends were diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have double mastectomies. Another friend had a cancerous tumour in her brain removed. Two friends lost their fathers, and another their brother. And not to forget the mother of all health scares: Gary’s cancerous kidney that now lives in a lab somewhere. Not only were there medical issues, but relationships ended too: two close friends went through unpleasant divorces / breakups, and Craig broke up with his girlfriend of five years.

A nasty year all round.

I realise that this is starting to sound like the blog post of doom and gloom… Let’s just say that by the time December rolled around, we all NEEDED a holiday, to put it mildly!

So enough of that already!

2013 wasn’t all misery and sadness, and despite the hiccups along the way, it was also a pretty good year:

Caris turned two!



We went to Mauritius for a very brilliant ten days at Club med!



Alex turned five!


Alex lost his first tooth! (and his second!)


I turned 40… but I’m not sure that is a good thing!


We built a house! (which is pretty damn amazing, and the whole process went surprisingly smoothly)


Stuart got his Civil Engineering degree! (Had to steal this photo from his FB page, as he is currently in New Orleans partying it up – been there since November and didn’t go to his actual graduation)


Craig finished his articles, and is now officially a qualified attorney!

craig and alex

So here’s to an amazing 2014. May it be prosperous, happy, and above all HEALTHY for everyone. (And here’s hoping I will find more time to blog this year!)

Missing in action

My urge to blog just got up and left. Without so much as a toodle-loo on its way out.

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, the12 draft posts in my WordPress dashboard will attest to that. I just cannot seem to finish them. It’s a combination of having no real inspiration, being dog-tired all the time and enduring suffocatingly boring (and very busy) days at work. All these factors are seemingly killing my writing dreams.

A friend of mine so cleverly pointed out that my creative juices are being smothered by my lack of enthusiasm for work at the moment. I have written over three hundred pages in a business analysis exercise I am doing for a client… Maybe I am just all written out!

All I want to do as soon as the kids have gone to bed at night is crawl under my duvet and sleep. My eyes are so tired from staring at my laptop screen all day, my mind is numb, and my body is plagued with a constant annoying and debilitating back ache.

I want to shout “snap out of it man!” at myself. In the car, preferably, at a deafening volume. The people in traffic around me would look away nervously. And screech away as soon as the lights change.

But life does go on, doesn’t it.

I’m sure I will get back on the proverbial horse at some point.

A year…

A year (and a bit, seeing as this post has been a draft for over 2 weeks!) has slipped past, almost unnoticed, since I began writing this blog, and indeed since I went back to work after the birth of my daughter.

The last twelve months have vanished away in record speed, and I still remember that car trip to the office, without my baby girl wrapped up safely in her car seat behind me, as if it was only yesterday. How I left my heart at home that day, and how I had to fight the urge to phone home every few minutes to see if she was okay. How my heart broke when I got home, to find that she was just fine without me, and how she seemed a little older already, by missing just one day.

{Caris at six Months}

1. Caris Nov 011

In a year, Caris has blossomed and bloomed like a tiny bud into the most beautiful rose: sweet smelling, gorgeous to behold, and a pleasure to all who encounter her. A sweet little girl whose infectious giggles delight everyone and whose hugs are the yummiest ones around.

{Caris Now}

4. Caris Nov 2012 -2 7. Caris Nov 2012 -2 4. Caris Nov 2012 -1

In the same year, Alex has transformed from a chubby toddler into a lean, lanky boy. A boy whose language has progressed in leaps and bounds, and whose inherant shyness has all but disappeared. A boy who is funny and mischievous, and loving and kind.

{Alex a year ago}

2. Alex Nov 2011

{Alex Now}

8. Alex Nov 2012 -1 5. Alex Nov 2012 -2

The relationship that is developing between my two little people is just priceless. They play together so nicely now, and have a bond that I hope will endure throughout their lifetime. They seem to have their own unique way of communicating, and can often be found hidden away behind the curtains, or in the corner of a room playing with animals, cars, tea-sets or some other favourite toy of the week, engrossed in their own little world, all  while chatting and giggling away. Sure, they fight too, but that is all part of growing up, and I am so grateful that they will always have each other, through good times and bad. Caris has become a little copy-cat, and wants to do whatever Alex is doing, and it is clear that he is the apple of her eye! And Alex loves his little sister, too.

Happy Anniversary Baby Makes Six!

{Alex and Caris one year ago}

3. Alex and Caris Nov 2011

{Alex and Caris now}

6. Alex and Caris Nov 2012 -1

Alex and Caris Nov 9. 2012 -2

Attention: this blog has not been abandoned!

Hi. My name is Denita, and I have not blogged in 3 weeks. (Not counting my Friday Photo 2 weeks ago).

I was fortunate to attend Tanya and Saul’s technical blogging workshop this week, and was reminded of one of the golden rules of blogging … “blog consistently and often” hmm. #fail!


The workshop was informative and fun, and it was great to see some familiar faces amongst the group of bloggers (and meet some new ones. ) I now (theoretically) know how to “self-host”, upload super-gorgeous new themes, add plug-ins and widgets and do “SEO” (admittedly, I had to google that, and it stands for Search Engine Optimisation.) I am looking forward to revamping my very vanilla blog, and making it look gorgeous (insert a few days of free time here please!)

On Saturday 25 Feb we had a family photo shoot. After cancelling twice already, because of bad weather, we went ahead despite the looming black thunder clouds. Needless to say, it pissed bucketed down just as Celeste pulled into the driveway. So visions of my little ones frolicking around in the overgrown ivy, or with their feet in the fish pond, were shattered. The light was bad, and the incessant rain meant we had to do all the photos inside and on the patio. Celeste even had to brave getting wet, by moving out from the under cover part of the patio, to be able to do the full family shots (which Alex thought was hilarious). Judging from the quick preview I saw on Facebook this morning, the photos are amazing. I am looking forward to getting the DVD with all the photo’s soon!

Baby makes six

Little sweetie pie

very cheesey smile!

During my blogging absence, I also bought a new Macbook Pro. It is beautiful and slick, and I have very little knowledge on how to use it. I like to make the comment that “it is like having a super-hot foreign boyfriend: Beautiful to look at and hold, but I do not quite understand it yet.” Maybe I should take the iStore up on their free training offer …

Hot foreign boyfriend

Alex has very excitedly been telling everyone that he is going to Ballito on an aeroplane, for about the last month, and luckily for him, the day has finally arrived, and we are off to find some better weather for a few days. The last few glorious days of summer, sun, sea and sand.  Hopefully I will find some time to relax, put my feet up, dispel all thoughts of work from my mind, and maybe, even, um… BLOG!