The place with the interesting things!

Spending the December holidays in Joey’s this year, meant we had to find things to do to keep our offspring busy (and stop us from losing our sanity and patience dealing with long faces and whining!)

So one sunny morning, we headed to New Town to check out Sci-Bono. I have overheard many moms raving about how cool it is, and have been told umpteen stories about fun birthday parties that have been attended there.

We arrived early, and pretty much had the place to ourselves for a while. To start off, Alex and Caris both had a go at kicking soccer balls into nets, and shooting balls at metal cut-out soccer players. We then moved through the exhibition, stopping at things that caught our interest. Alex absolutely loved the construction site simulation, and spent quite a while placing play bricks on a conveyor belt while donning his hard hat.

Alex’s favourite thing was a table that illustrated (if I remember correctly) a black hole, and he watched the spinning ball being sucked down into its vortex over and over again.

We spent a good few hours perusing the exhibits, only cutting our visit short because Caris was starting to get super grumpy as the time stretched further and further past nap time. In fairness, the centre is aimed at kids a little older than my two, but both of them seemed to be having a ball.

Alex keeps asking me “When are we going back to that place with the interesting things?”

Well worth a visit! (and next time I will take a proper camera and not just a Blackberry!)

Scibono 1 Scibono 2 Scibono 3 Scibono 4 Scibono 5 Scibono 6 Scibono 7

The end of an era…

This weekend, we did a car-seat shuffle. Caris has been travelling along happily in her rear-facing baby seat up until now, but was starting to look a little bit squashed of late. Alex has been in a front-facing seat since he was a year old, and seeing as Caris is almost 14 months now, I decided to make the move this weekend. This meant buying a brand-spanking-new booster seat for my big boy, and handing over his old seat to Little Miss. (The poor second child is destined to get all the hand-me-downs!)

So after an expensive trip to the local Baby City, to purchase one of Maxi-Cosi’s finest, and consulting my “how to remove the car seat cover” degree so that I could wash Alex’s old seat, we now have two forward-facing little travellers. (Alex was somewhat reluctant to use his new chair, being a creature of habit and all. So in order to avoid a melt-down, we all made a huge fuss about how cool his new chair is, and what a big boy he is because he can use the real seatbelt. He now thinks his new chair is the best thing since sliced bread.)

But, it is not without some sadness that I made the swap. This effectively means that Alex really isn’t a toddler anymore, and has firmly crossed the chasm into big-boy-ville. And my baby girl is no longer my little tiny one. She seems to be getting bigger by the minute.

The old Peg-Perego has been washed and wrapped, soon to be given away or sold, leaving me with only my memories of the two little tiny babies who once occupied it’s safe nest.

Disney on ice


We took the kids to see “Disney on ice” on Thursday afternoon. I was nervous at first, wondering if Alex would manage to sit through a two hour ice-skating show, and even worse, wondering how I was going to manage a potentially restless, grumpy baby on my lap for the whole show (who had missed her afternoon nap). Gary went to brave the refreshments queue, and returned with Disney mugs of slush (which cost a small fortune) and a box of (very overpriced) popcorn, and then we were ready for the show.

And what an awesome show it was! It started off with Mickey and Minnie riding around in a very cute little car, which broke down, and of course needed a tow-truck. Cue Mater, Lightning McQueen and the gang from Radiator Springs zooming around on the ice. Alex was so excited to see his favourite cars in the flesh! Even Caris screeched with delight as the cars did their rounds. They were really well done, complete with facial expressions and moving lips!



The rest of the first act saw appearances from Ariel (set in an under water paradise) and the singing red lobster whose name I forget, as well as Tinkerbell, the fairy princess and a menagerie of woodland fairies.


After a fifteen minute interval, the toys from Toy Story came out in full force, and did a great job of re-enacting Toy Story 3.


Alex thoroughly enjoyed the show, and managed to stay riveted for most of it. The fairy and mermaid scenes went over his head a little, having never seen the corresponding films, but he still seemed to love it. What was most amazing, was Caris’ reaction to it all She loved it! She was clapping her hands and smiling, and screeching with delight when she saw the fairy princess and other characters. She ate handfuls of popcorn, as if she does so every day, and was quite fascinated by the icy drinks in the Disney cups. And what was even more amazing was how she stayed content on my lap for most of the show, barring the last ten minutes where she was (quite understandably) a little restless.

We went into Northgate mall for a quick supper (and to avoid the 5PM traffic) and then made our way home. Caris was fast asleep before we even left the parking lot.

Pretty cool way to spend a Thursday afternoon!