Photo Friday … Baker’s Day

Alex was the baker again today, and he wanted Lightning McQueen cupcakes… (yes, his love for Mr McQueen is still alive and well!)

Much excitement surrounds Baker’s Day, so his teacher and all the kids in the class, were very relieved to see us at school this morning, after Alex was off sick yesterday. (He was bitten by something and his one eye and ear were so swollen yesterday morning that he stayed at Granny for the day.)

So after a quick drive out to Crescent Moulds to pick up a Lightning mould, this is what we came up with:


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Photo Friday … Baker’s Day

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Photo Friday … The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!

My online order for these cool shades by Babiators arrived yesterday, much to the delight of Alex and Caris. (Especially Alex, who LOVES it when parcels arrive at the house.)

I got them from Queck Baby …. who also have a lot of other cool stuff, be sure to check them out! (and their service is super efficient!)



Photo Friday …Let it snow!

On Tuesday morning as I drove to work, the temperature had only managed to climb to 0.5 degrees celsius on the car thermometer (just after eight AM). By ten o’clock, there were reports of snow all over Joburg pouring in on the radio, and on friends’ facebook and BBM statuses. There was no snow at my office in Bryanston, so I thought I had pretty much missed out on the commotion. By the time I left the office at just after 1, the snow en-route had already melted away. But by 3PM at home, the snow started falling again, and although there was only a thin layer, there was enough for Alex and Stuart to build a little snowman !