Photo Friday … Baker’s Day

Alex was the baker again today, and he wanted Lightning McQueen cupcakes... (yes, his love for Mr McQueen is still alive and well!) Much excitement surrounds Baker's Day, so his teacher and all the kids in the class, were very relieved to see us at school this morning, after Alex was off sick yesterday. (He …

Photo Friday … at the zoo

All young children seem to love the zoo, and my two are no exception. Some shots of our trip to the zoo last Sunday ... (...they were both fast asleep within five minutes of leaving, a good indicator of the fun they had! )

Photo Friday … I can feed myself!

Caris is very keen on feeding herself these days, so much so, that she is refusing to let me feed her! So after taking some very reluctant mouthfuls of her usual supper, I gave her a muffin and some jarred prunes (because she loves them so much) and she very happily fed herself. Yum yum!

Photo Friday … gone sailing

I have always loved taking photos of boats ... here are a few of my favourite ones taken a few years ago. Capri - May 2007 Sardinia May 2007 Maruitius - January 2005

Photo Friday – Baker’s Day

Alex was the Baker at school this morning, and he wanted to take "blue cupcakes with red spiders on them". He was very, very pleased with them! (despite there being some black spiders,  having run out of red berry sweets)