Sensational Sting

Having always had a preference for brains over brawn in potential suitors, one of my favourite set of lines from “Seven Days” by Sting is :

“Does it bother me at all
My rival is Neanderthal
it makes me think
Perhaps I need a drink
IQ is no problem here
We won’t be playing Scrabble for her hand I fear
I need that beer”

But it certainly does help if the object of your affection or admiration is nice to look at too! (And my husband falls into this category of course!)

We went to see Sting last night, and he was just amazing. Nice to look at, and of course nice to listen to, too. He performed a nice mix of old and new stuff, and of course left the classics(Roxanne, Brand New Day) for the encore. (Pity that the Northgate Dome is such a crap venue though.)

He mentioned that one of the questions he inevitably gets asked by journalists, is how he has managed to stay happily married to the same woman for 30 years, and I just loved his response. (… I am ad-libbing and summarising hugely here… )

He said that his wife has fixed so many parts of him that were broken, and that she taught him about how to love. Unconditionally. And then went on to say that when some people are together, they commit to loving each other, but only to the point where they don’t get close enough for that person to really hurt them. And that those types of relationships seldom last. To truly love, you have to be prepared to risk everything. To really give 100%. He said that as much as his wife has built him up, she could just as easily completely destroy him. Real love is allowing yourself to love someone so much that they could ultimately destroy you. It really resonated with me. He said it in a much more eloquent manner of course. Clearly not just a pretty face, but a deep thinker too.

I apologise in advance for the poor quality of the image. I do only have a lowly blackberry after all.

He certainly is one of my all time favourite artists.

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